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Mark Mardell is a former radio and TV journalist who was at the forefront of reporting and analysing major world events for 25 years, largely for the BBC, although his first jobs were at Radio Tees on Teeside, Radio Aire in Leeds and IRN in London. While officially retired, he says it doesn't feel like it as "Moving and Shaking" takes up a satisfyingly large amount of his time.

His last job was presenting the "World this Weekend" and the "World at One" on BBC Radio Four and the major series "Brexit, a love story?"

Before that he was BBC's North America editor, the BBC's first Europe editor and covered Westminster politics in a number of guises including political editor of Newsnight and the BBC's chief political correspondent.

Mark was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in April 2022. He is a patron of the Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapy and of the British Voice Association. He lives in Surrey with his wife Jo and they have three grown-up children who are their pride and joy. He’s always enjoyed travelling, cooking, reading and writing. Since being diagnosed, his new hobbies include Tai Chi, poetry, pottery and of course, podcasting. He is slowly shedding his lifelong obsession with world politics and replacing it with an even more obsessive focus on his main pastime, unearthing great music, old and new, but particularly new.


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