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Sir Nicholas Mostyn was a barrister for 30 years specialising in major divorce cases, some involving celebrities such as Paul McCartney and Princess Diana, which earned him the reputation as "the scariest barrister in Britain". He became a High Court judge in 2010 and sat in the Family Division. He was also a judge of the Court of Protection and the Administrative Court of the King’s Bench Division of the High Court, where he heard many judicial reviews of government decisions. Renowned for his independent and outspoken style, he frequently challenged the received wisdom of the law in favour of justice. He retired from the Bench in July 2023, three years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. In February 2023 he co-founded the cult podcast Movers and Shakers and in January 2024 he launched, together with Lord Charlie Falconer and Baroness Helena Kennedy KC, a new podcast about topical legal issues: Law and Disorder. If you would like to listen to Sir Nicholas' latest podcast on Law and Disorder click here

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