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Gillian's Mnemonic


C - Cure

The State will provide not less than £x p.a. for research into a cure (we need to come up with a figure based on other illnesses in the UK and money given for PD in other countries) 

PPs will  undertake to participate in research when available

A - Access

The State should give PPs regular access to a consultant and other professionals, and in any event not less than once a year.  

PPs will not abuse the system by not attending appointments.

R - Regional equality

The State will smooth-out postcode lottery. 

PPs will not take no for an answer if  yes is available elsewhere

P – other Professionals 

The State will  ensure that PPs have a multidisciplinary team looking after them.  

PPs will never cancel appointments without good reason

E – Educate everyone – especially employers

The State will educate people more broadly about the illness. Employers in particular will be expected to understand the provisions of the Equality Act, to avoid any discrimination.

In order for people to understand the illness first hand, PPs will undertake to spread the word and not hide themselves away, and will understand and exercise their rights in the workplace.

D - diminish Depression

The State  through the provision of counselling, companionship, and a variety of activities will seek to alleviate the scourge of depression caused by Parkinson's. 

PPs will attend activity classes and spread the word.

I - isolate Isolation 

The State will seek to  ensure that no single PP is left for more than two consecutive days on their own. They will be visited by health care specialists, relative or some other person. 

PPs will undertake to play their role and to welcome people to their homes, or will act as the people who visit others.

E - Exercise energetically, and Eat effectively 

The State will  provide exercise classes at a subsidised rate for those who cannot afford it and ensure that dietitians are available for consultation (as part of the multidisciplinary team).

PPs will attend the exercise classes, paying if they can. PPs will take responsibility for their diets and ensure they eat healthily. 

M -  Medication

The State will ensure that sufficient medication is provided, especially in hospital. 

PPs will take the drugs when prescribed using whatever means possible to remember to do so. 

Then I added (in order to recognise the reality of limited resources and how we need to start to boost those for the long run) the word Nunc which means C - Cure.


Read more about the episode on The Charter here.

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