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Movers and Shakers finds six friends – Rory Cellan-Jones, Gillian Lacey-Solymar, Mark Mardell, Paul Mayhew-Archer, Sir Nicholas Mostyn and Jeremy Paxman – gathered in a Notting Hill pub to discuss the realities of life with Parkinson's. And maybe find a few silver linings!

A podcast about life with Parkinson's

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"Winner of the Broadcasting Press Guild Award 2024 for Best Podcast of the Year" 


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"Thank you for the honest and enlightening conversations."

"In some ways, Parkinson’s has meant a new lease of life"

The Movers and Shakers in the pub
With a wry smile we call ourselves the "Movers and Shakers". For we six have two things in common: interesting careers in the public eye and a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. We used to meet in a Notting Hill pub to have a laugh and a bit of a moan about our condition. We still do, but now you can listen in to our conversation on our weekly podcast and we hope this website will be a useful resource, jam-packed with additional information on each episode.

We are: High Court Judge Sir Nicholas Mostyn (retd), Gillian Lacey-Solymar, Rory Cellan-Jones, Mark Mardell, Jeremy Paxman, and Vicar of Dibley writer Paul Mayhew-Archer.

Now on our third series, we are people who’ve had a public profile and successful careers who find ourselves adapting to living with a degenerative neurological condition. Minor celebrities, if you will, who want to live the best life they can and help others on this journey - and above all else not to be too gloomy. Except Jeremy Paxman, former host of "University Challenge" and the grand inquisitor of Newsnight who confesses to be "a gloomy bugger".

From Paul’s hysterically funny and brightly optimistic determination to regard our collective curse as a personal blessing, to Jeremy’s often expletive laden exasperation, fury and trademark incisive questioning of accepted wisdom, all human life is here.

Our motto, if we have one, is "seize the day".

"We reach people with no one to talk to about symptoms. We can learn so much from each other"

British writer, producer, script editor and actor for the BBC.

Paul Mayhew-Archer MBE

25 years’ experience in a variety of senior management and business roles, having advised some of the world’s largest companies.

Gillian Lacey-Solymar

Presenter for the BBC Two programme Newsnight, interviewing many political figures and continued the role for 25 years.

Jeremy Paxman

Former radio and TV journalist who was at the forefront of reporting and analysing major world events for 25 years.

Mark Mardell

Sir Nicholas Mostyn was a barrister for 30 years specialising in major divorce cases, some involving celebrities such as Paul McCartney and Princess Diana; then a High Court judge for 13 years. 

Sir Nicholas Mostyn

British journalist and former BBC News technology correspondent.

Rory Cellan-Jones



Here you'll find our episode pages that sit alongside our episodes. They're filled with helpful information including episode summaries, guest biographies, articles written by many of our main guests and links to some very useful material - all in one place. 

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